Story of AHRI

Access To Human Rights International (AHRI) Is An International Human Rights Organization. We Have Been Working Since 2010 Though It’s Got Registration In 2014 By The Government Of The People Republic Of Bangladesh. This Is A Non-Profit Human Rights Organization, Which Is Work On Health, Law, Education, Environment, Women & Children, Youth Empowering, Rural Development, Rehabilitation Of Street People And Stateless People. The Health Project, Legal Aid, Pro-Bono & Unified Institutional And Community Counselling  Project Of AHRI Has More Popular To The People In Different Countries. AHRI Is The First Organization In The World Who Celebrated The First Humanitarian Weeks From 05/12/2020 To 10/12/2020 In Globally And Every Year It Will Be Celebrated. Its Has Been Taken Initiative To Bring A Bill As “Global Children’s Protection Bill 2021”.  AHRI Is Committed To Ensure The Human Rights And Rule Of Law For Every Citizen, Especially For Vulnerable And Helpless People, Prevent Domestic Violence And Sexual Harassment. AHRI Has Been Closely Connected With United Nations , NGO Branch -United Nations Department Of Economic And Social Affairs As Consultative Status Ref @ 409155. It Has Been Recognized By The Different Renowned International Institutions, Kingdom And Government. AHRI Also Is An ISO Certified Organization. AHRI Has Been Working By Its 100+ National And International Wings With 185 Organizations From Different Corner Of The World To Ensure The Peace , Justice And Sustainable Development.​

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